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On Justifying the Current Practice in the Software Engineering Technical Interview

Why do software engineering interviewers care so much about data structures and algorithms?  It is a question you have probably asked yourself if you have gone on the market for a software engineering job. I have never myself heard a very convincing answer where the answer is interpreted as a justification of the practice. There are plausible sociohistorical explanations for why interviewers ask questions like, "balance this binary tree" or "implement a function that removes a node from a linked list." Such questions are arguably analogs of vestigial organs, a legacy of interview questions from the 1950s. But still they remain. And should they? Yes, says Soham Metha, the previous Director of Engineer at Box and founder of InterviewKickstart.com. Metha's answer to this question is interesting because he acknowledges: Yes, DS/Algos are [...]

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Nothing forthcoming the rest of this year.

Unfortunately, I have had to set aside all of my hobbies in order to do math for the remainder of the year. My work in software engineering pays the bills, philosophy does not. So I have had to focus on doing what I need to do for my career, which is roughy 2-3 hours of math a night. I expect to be done with this sometime early 2018, unless the more advanced mathematics really slows me down. See you next year!

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A Conditional Problem for Adherents of Universal Divine Love

The predominant view of God's love among Christian philosophers in the current century, as well as the last, is that God's love extends to every person, such that God's love so extended entails God desires the salvation of every person. Why would any Christian hold such a view? One answer is that there are verses that can be brought forth as evidence for the view that God desires the salvation of every person. If so, it is inferred that the best explanation of this desire is God's love. (Note: the verses themselves do not speak to the entailment, but only to the desire. It is a further step needed to make the connection between God's love and the desire.) I will not discuss here whether the verses brought forth as [...]

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A Quick Argument Against Purgatory

The following is a quick sketch of an argument against purgatory based on other things I have argued. To accept purgatory implies, at a minimum, that after death there is some place not identical with hell and not identical with heaven where one will continue to morally develop. If one becomes morally perfect, then one leaves purgatory and enters heaven. An argument for purgatory runs as follows: necessarily, one's will must have an independent (i.e. non-determining) causal role in making oneself as a moral agent a morally good agent. But by the time most of us die, we are not perfectly morally good. In order to be in heaven, one must be perfectly morally good. So there must be a place in which one must become morally perfectly [...]

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