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Question: When Did Apologetics Programs Begin?

I am doing research for a paper. Maybe someone who looks here knows the answer. There have been people in universities and seminaries who were more or less appointed chairs of apologetics. But those positions, I think, were subsumed under the theology or philosophy departments.

When was the first apologetics program created, which provided students its own unique degree?

My guess is that this is a late 20th century creation, even though there were apologetics related courses prior to that. But these are all hunches. Does anyone here know and have the evidence to back it up?

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  1. James A. Gibson May 2, 2018 at 10:38 am

    The Christian Evidence Society was offering certificates as late as the 19th century; students read works like Paley and Butler. This is described in Dale A. Johnson, “Popular Apologetics in Late Victorian England: The Work of the Christian Evidence Society,” Journal of Religious History 11.4 (1981): 558-577.

    Any earlier examples?

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