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On Justifying the Current Practice in the Software Engineering Technical Interview

Why do software engineering interviewers care so much about data structures and algorithms?  It is a question you have probably asked yourself if you have gone on the market for a software engineering job. I have never myself heard a very convincing answer where the answer is interpreted as a justification of the practice. There are plausible sociohistorical explanations for why interviewers ask questions like, "balance this binary tree" or "implement a function that removes a node from a linked list." Such questions are arguably analogs of vestigial organs, a legacy of interview questions from the 1950s. But still they remain. And should they? Yes, says Soham Metha, the previous Director of Engineer at Box and founder of InterviewKickstart.com. Metha's answer to this question is interesting because he acknowledges: Yes, DS/Algos are [...]

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