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The Divine Glory Defense

In the previous two posts, I looked at Daniel Johnson's explanation of what Calvinism is and an objection to Calvinism, that is the objection that if Calvinism is true then God intentionally causes evil and God cannot do that. This will be my last post on Johnson's article, "Calvinism and the Problem of Evil." Although there is much else in his chapter worth reading and discussing, it is time to wrap things up. In this post, I will discuss the section on the more general problem of evil. I want to focus on the discussion of the divine glory defense. The problem of evil stated The problem starts with a question: why is there evil if there is an all good, all powerful, and all knowing being? This question gets reformulated into [...]

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Johnson on whether God can intentionally cause evil

My last post examined how Daniel Johnson describes Calvinism. This post concerns the section of Johnson's article, "Calvinism and the Problem of Evil: A Map of the Territory," that addresses whether God can intentionally cause evil.  Although I raised some objections in the previous post, those objections are not infectious for how Johnson addresses this charge against Calvinism. The argument that there is a problem The argument is this (my reconstruction): God intentionally causes others to do morally wrong actions. [Assumption of Calvinism] It is always wrong to intentionally cause others to do morally wrong actions. [Assumption] God intentionally causing others to do morally wrong actions is itself morally wrong. [1,2] It is impossible for God to do morally wrong actions. [Assumption] It is not true that God intentionally [...]

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