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  • I am a software engineer that works across all stages in the SDLC from architecture and design, to development, testing, and deployment. I have worked as a software engineer in test; I would find ways to break your code to help you build a better product.

  • I am a philosopher in the Reformed tradition. My interests are guided by three questions: (1) what is the nature of reality; and (2) what can we know about reality; (3) what is required for happiness? This has made me a generalist. But I have spent a significant proportion of my energy attempting to understand the nature of agency and moral responsibility. Like the ancients, I now see the first two questions related to the third. Stylistically, I prefer contemporary analytic philosophy, but I think it is most interesting when done against the background of the history of philosophy.

  • I am a writer. Most of the time, I write code. When I am not writing code, I write about philosophy, theology, and sometimes on the value of philosophy to the marketplace. Finally, I write music. My jams are all in the range of rock, metal, progressive, and blues.